Carleton Afghan Student Association

For the Carleton Afghan Student Association (CASA), the task was to craft a distinctive logo that not only resonated with Carleton University’s colors but also encapsulated elements of Afghan identity. Drawing inspiration from scratch, this project involved a meticulous process of design exploration and iteration. The resulting logo seamlessly blends Carleton University’s color palette with subtle nods to its official branding, such as the incorporation of waves. Additionally, the logo incorporates the Afghan national emblem, representing key aspects of Afghan heritage, including Islam and national pride. Through this creative journey, a unique and meaningful logo was crafted, serving as a visual representation of CASA’s identity and values within the university community.

Learn more about their club here! → CASA Instagram

This project was created using Adobe Illustrator and Procreate

  • 2023

  • Tamanno Habibullah Mahash (VP Marketing of Carleton Afghan Student Association)